Newsletter Himalaya Children Care & Environment Conservation Project

February 2016


Dear Members, Sponsors, and Friends of HCCECP!

With your generous support we have been able to operate Himalayan Children Care and Environmental Conservation Project smoothly for the last year and expect that we will be doing our best in future.

The team of this organization is satisfied with what we achieve and hoping that we will work together with all supporting agencies and individuals in a more coordinative and collaborative way and try to explore best possible solutions for achieving positive output in order to meet our set objective and mission. Therefore you can find all worldwide supporters, friends and members at the end of this newsletter. We believe in the principal of hard working – networking and team working as three basic working elements to make a successful institution.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and that further actions and contacts will be made, either with us directly in Pokhara or with your local friend of HCCECP.

1. History of HCCECP

The Himalayan Children Care and Environment Conservation Project is currently located at Lake side - 6, Pokhara. It was founded on 13th November 2006 and has been running successfully for nearly 10 years now. To date, 27 boys and 31 girls from 6-19 years old are enrolled in this home for better education, health, and accommodation. Almost all the children are from the remote mountainous area of Upper Mustang adjoining with the Tibet Autonomous region of People Republic of China. The project basically focuses on deprived families who do not have access to basic education, healthcare, food, and accommodation at a minimally required level.

The first team of children enrolled in 2006

Manjushree Primary School assembly time

2. Current Situation

The daily responsibilities have been carried out by Lama Pasang. Since this year the executive director is further supported by 6 staffs. This year we had a special focus to our children’s quality education so we could win Mr. Sonam Tsering for our team. His responsibilities are as a volunteer coordinator, English and Tibetan supporting teacher in the morning and evening. Additionally we could win Miss Rita Gurung as a mathematics and science supporting teacher. In order to provide intensive care for the children and sanitation we also employed a house mother and arranged two local volunteers to work as house sisters.

3. Activities at HCCECP

Sports Day

The school has an annual celebration of sports day where the children of our home have shown an excellent performance this year. The home organizes swimming training for the children and that would utilize them. It is an entertainment source for the children. So, the home regularly organizes swimming activities as an outdoor activity that is great refreshment for the children.

Field trip

Another important activity is the annual field trip for elder children around their home land of Upper Mustang. This is a great opportunity for the elder children that will greatly help to increase affection towards their native place and also interaction with their parents and relatives will help to conserve their traditions and culture. They see their parents and relatives very rarely throughout their time here in Pokhara and the trip is not affordable for their parents.

Praying time

Children are representative of the Trans Himalayan areas of Nepal. They are from Buddhist families. In order to conserve the traditions and culture as well as developing spiritual feelings, the regular practice of praying is been done by the children before having their dinner.

Regular health checkup

The health assistant of HCCECP regularly organizes health checkups and preventive measurements for the children of HCCECP. The home has appointed one health assistant for primary treatment, checkups, and is also responsible the awareness of health education and sanitation improvement. The health assistant basically focuses on personal hygiene and

health care, preventive measurements, environmental health, and also sanitation. The health assistant has also organized personal hygiene competitions, different health related games, a clean-up campaign, etc. for the improvement of health and sanitation within and outside home.


Children are performing satisfactory results in their school. They also participate in extra activities including sports and entertainment programs. They are happy to attend daily school and are good in many areas. Our part time teacher provides enough support at home. This helped a lot the older children who were facing difficulties due to class upgrade.

Celebrating Festivals

As all the children are being represented from the remote mountain Buddhist communities, the Buddhist New Year eve, Lohsar, was celebrated during the end of February and is going to be celebrated this year from February 9th on for 3 days; 3 days celebration full of dances and singing, good food, new clothes and happy time together.

The Buddha’s birthday celebration generally took place during March where all the school remains closed and children involved in religious ceremonies taking place in different monasteries around Pokhara.

Ngawang received an award from the International Lion’s Club in

Pokhara for a drawing competition.

Quiz contest

The home’s anniversary was celebrated on the eve of

establishment of the children’s’ care center in November.

During that time parents are invited and the children show different cultural dances, songs, and some sports to their parents.

Additional Activities

In order to enhance their capacity for, learn about, and express them creatively, extra activities are undertaken along with their regular

education. The children can show real aptitude when they have an opportunity to perform various activities. Every child has their own talent. Most important thing is that we explore them. We have frequently organized talent show programs in different aspects such as speech, quiz contest, drawing, dancing, singing, sports, etc. and is monitored and evaluated by staff and volunteers.

Children discussing their aim in live.

Sewing training

The children do this above class 7.


Weaving training

Training Traditional Loba(local) dances

Picnic including sports activities

Clean Up Campaign around Lakeside in Pokhara

Enrolment with Pokhara children’s club

Appreciation certificate given to HCCECP from the


chief justice of the Pokhara District

Trek Medic

A special Thanks goes to Himalaya children care & E.C.P and Show you care (Judy Christopher) who had organized service to Mustang communities for health checkup and distributed medicine about over 600 people!!

Retired women with the praying wheel

Old man and woman making string for weaving local clothes

An impression of the trek medic

General health checkup by Dr. Hong with Melbourne trek medic group from Australia.

Medical camp in Upper Mustang

Situation of Mustang communities

Ear cleaning with checkup

4. Our challenges

Development hasn’t a boarder. So, in 2006 we had 22 kids with limited sources and less facilities; now in 2016 we have 58 children with 8 staff. Sources are also better than before but still we are looking for more supporters for enough facilities for the HCCECP’s yearly expenses. The cost of goods has increased since the earthquake in Nepal last spring. We have all been working together; to date HCCECP has received achievement awards and shown real progression. Through your compassionate support, along with our staff’s struggle, the kids hard work, and the school’s efforts a lot had been accomplished: but still our kids need our support.

Our new home

Problems with our current home

At our current home we are facing some major issues. One problem is that the small children have to walk every day one hour (!) to school as we cannot afford a daily bus. This walk can be incredibly taxing for the small children as they range from 4 to 10 years old. It is also difficult for our staff to keep an eye on all of them as they all walk at different paces, and in a country that has virtually no traffic laws this can be a nerve racking process. We do arrange a bus for them during monsoon time, but prices are really high. Another problem is that we are renting the current place we are living in. Last year we were given notice to leave the property but we couldn’t find a place that would house a family of around 65 people so we were unable to leave. However, we worry that we will not be able to stay here much longer. Every year more and more families from the remote communities of Upper Mustang request for us to let them enroll their children in this home, but unfortunately we cannot meet these demands due to the limited resources we have in our current building and financial funds.

Reasons to build the new home

The land we have bought is so much closer to both the school for the younger students and also the elder students. If we were to be able to build the new home this would not only remove the constraints of having to constantly keep up with rent, but going to and from school would far more conceivable and would

greatly reduce the workload for our staff as well. Additionally the kids will have more space to interact with each other, sleep, bathe, and study together. This will also allow us to carry out our plans to take on a further 18 extra children who are living in extreme & harsh climatic and living conditions, hailing from the northern border areas of Nepal. We plan to plant a vegetable garden around the new premises, which will teach the children how to grow vegetables, whilst also providing us with ingredients for meals which allows for a more sustainable living.

Pick nick at our new land

Costs for the new home

The estimated total of the costs of building a structure with three floors and enough space to house 86 children plus staff are NRS 35,202,825.00 or USD 370,504. This includes the civil work costs, the sanitary work costs, the electrical work costs, and the landscaping work costs. We rely on every donation; even a 5 or 10 USD helps us to come closer to our dream of our new children’s home. Please let us give you further information about our new project and get in contact with us if you want to support us either financially or sharing your ideas with us.

We are very much heartfelt thankful to all those involved in this work. We are indebted towards the financial, physical, and psychological support from people around the world including supporters, sponsors, volunteers, staff, well-wishers; etc. Everyone working together with the lovely children has made this possible.

5. Our Goal

Children after their higher secondary level

Once the children pass S.L.C. (School Leaving Certificate) then they are encouraged to study technical subjects like CMA, ANM, Lab Assistant, and BMLT. The idea is that they can work together to establish a community health post in their native village in Upper Mustang to serve their communities and provide them with better access to the healthcare services. The organization uses its internal resources to aid the children so that they can be trained in medical subjects. While we at HCCECP encourage our children to get involved in this area, we are conscious that many of the children will have interests in other fields and we also actively encourage these children to pursue their goals. Whether in engineering, business, teaching, architecture and so on, we at HCCECP have made a commitment to aiding our children in finding a job or work placement as per their interest.

The children at HCCECP whom are not interested in further study will be trained as junior technicians in professions such as carpentry, cooking, plumbing, computing, electronics, etc. This allows these particular children whom are interested in different vocational studies to become self-employed and therefore independent in the long run. The HCCECP is still working towards establishing a Handicraft training center, allowing those children interested in this area to develop their skills and potentially make a living through this profession.

Pasang Drolma Gurung wants to study to become a doctor but it’s

very expensive to continue on in this course. So she decided to work towards becoming a health assistant, a venture which will cost around 2500 pounds for three years course including practice in the hospital.

Her aim is to serve in her village, working in the area of health

issues after completing her SLC, which will take her about a year

and half. She will start her course after receiving the SLC result, which should be announced in July 2016. I believe that this course will help Pasang in achieving her dream of serving the communities as well as supporting her family. It is of the utmost importance to support her

during her Health Assistant courses. We hope to be able to support her in completing this course as much as we can and also I request all of our HCCECP friends who are interested in supporting her let us at HCCECP know . This is a great opportunity for Pasang to have a secure livelihood which will also serve as a great benefit for herself and the community.

Within the next 2 years more than 10 children will need our help for further education, studies and finding a new job. Please let us send you more information about the kids and their plans for a better future.

6. Contacts all over the world


Himalaya Children Care & Environment Conservation Project, Lama Pasang Gurung, G.P.O. Box No: 85 Lakeside Pokhara, E-mail: or


Sue Gracie and Will Russ, UK Charity, Friend of Himalaya Children care Home, E-mail and

Judy Christopher, Show you care support, Himalaya orphanage, E-mail


Nora Weyer-Larsen; E-mail


Flo Paysbasque, Nosybejanot Kikiwis, Agnès TiColporteur, E-Mail


Jess Medani Namaste Charity USA support for Himalayan children and mustang Women empowering E-mail

Han Sheng Chia E-Mail Kylie Maree, E-mail

Edilberto Pangilinan and James Ellsworth; E-Mail

Australia and New Zealand

Australia Melbourne HCCECP supporter Group, E-Mail Darren Yates, Kids of Mustang, Charity for Himalayan Children care and environment conservation project, E-Mail

Himalaya Children Care & Environment Conservation Project

G.P.O. Box No: 85 Lakeside Pokhara, Nepal

Email: or

Website : Mobile No: 9846620786 + 9846790351

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