"Help us in helping the helpless !!" Authentic Tibetan culture survives only in exile in a few places like Mustang which has had long historical and cultural ties with Tibet. For as long as space endures and for as long as living beings remain, until then may I too abide to dispel the misery of the world.

- His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

HCCH Children's Profile

Sonam Tsering

Sonam Tsering from Tsuksang village-one day walk form Jomsom near kali Gandaki. It is said that his parents were separated and mother went to abroad but he doesn't have any idea where she went. He doesn't know who is his father, as mum didn't disclose his name. His grand father looked him after. But due to alcoholic manner sometime Sonam has to live without food for days. The situation forced him to live in malnutrition, careless and he has no hope for schooling. We heard about this boy and thus we admitted in our home.Our other children then accompanied him. For many weeks he just sat idle aside, not playing with others and scratching his body forming a wound. But now he is one of the excellent children in school at nursery level. He is very good in drawing.


Name: Sonam Tsering
Date of Birth: 3 Aug 2000
Sibling: 1 Bro 2 Sis
Class: Nursery
Village: Tsuksang

Dawa Sangmo

Dawa Sangmo is from Tsoshar (near China border) Lomanthang. Her father left her mother with three children. Her mother has to earn for the family and her grandmother too. Unfortunately their small farmland was swept away. Her mother goes outside to work in the field of others and her grandmother looks after the children and does household chores. As our home is aimed for such children of Mustang. Some local people introduced Dawa Sangmo to us. She comes from the mountains with the community to Pokhara. She was suffering badly from malnutrition, and had nothing besides the clothes she wore. We asked her her name and she told us '6 years'. She was then taken to take bath and we examined her. Her entire body was covered in huge fleabites. Her body was so tiny and 3 years old clothes fitted her.

Now she is going to school at nursery level. Beside study she has keen interest in song and dance. You can see her singing all the time.


Name: Dawa Sangmo
Date of Birth: 22 June 2001
Sibling: 3 Bro 1 Sis
Class: Nursery
Village: Tsoshar

Most of our children have same problem. Some of them are stepchildren while some are orphan thus these deprived children has to work in household matter like collecting fire woods, grazing cattle, fetching water etc in all season though their age is to study and play. We request all compassionate friends for their collective help in upbringing these children's life better and educated so these cruel things will not happen.

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