"Help us in helping the helpless !!" Authentic Tibetan culture survives only in exile in a few places like Mustang which has had long historical and cultural ties with Tibet. For as long as space endures and for as long as living beings remain, until then may I too abide to dispel the misery of the world.

- His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama


The HCCH is a charitable organization. Right now, the home is being run under the support from our individual sponsor ship, general donations. We are running of the 6th years in the stage of providing and shaping our buds under care with the opportunities to develop their skill to the fullest. And to ensure a secure future, we seek sponsors from our generous friends without which this would not be possible. Please donate what you can or sponsor a child. You can become an individual child sponsor.

We are continually trying to find sponsorships of any kind, be it individual children sponsorships or tuition fee sponsorships for our children as it would lighten the load on our budget and allow us to put more of our resources to other areas of importance such as food and nutrition.

As of 2009, individual sponsorships for children cost US$565 a year. Before the child enters college, this money goes to the food, clothing, tuition fees, and the general use of HCCH. After Class 12, when the child is eligible for university, this money will go solely towards paying for the child's college tuition fees. For those children who are interested in other fields that require a different kind of professional training such as mechanical work, the money will go to paying for those courses after they finish Class 12. Tuition fee sponsorships for children who are currently not attending Tibetan school are available at US$165 a year. The US$165 a year sponsorship covers only the tuition fees of sending the children to school.

General Donations

General donations of any amount go into a general fund to assist with providing extra health care, house rent, buying household things etc. We would greatly appreciate any type of support, be it in the form of donation of specific items, monetary donation, or half/quarter year sponsorship by you or a group of your friends. You can also help us in purchasing books, musical instruments, bunk beds, blankets etc. for the Himalayan Children's Care Home.

Possible Improvement plans for The Himalayan Children Care and Environmental Conservation Program

Sn. Improvement Plans Estimated Cost

Home land field trip

All of the children of HCCH from the remote mountainous region of Mustang . In order to maintain live interaction with their parents, relatives and Tibetan way of life, culture, traditions and religion we make a regular field visit to their homeland Upper Mustang once in a year so that they can be able to keep love affection to their parents and supports to preserve their tradition , culture.

US $3040/year
2. Regular Medical Checkups and Immunization

Regular health check up is done for all children on weekly basis while the dental camp is plan for once in a year . Apart from this, the immunization programs are also undertaken on regular basis for the all children . As per required and on the basis of recommendation from general health check up details treatment is undertaken accordingly for the children.
US $1197/year
3. Staff Training

Having good and reliable staff to care for the children in our home is of utmost importance. Therefore, we plan to enroll our staff in various training programs that will not only benefit the children, but the staff themselves as well. These training programs will include First Aid, General Hygiene and Communication Skills, management of children home.
US $1000/year
4. Pocket Money

The benefits gained through giving the children a monthly allowance is many fold. We are not only able to teach the children how to save and budget money, as well as the value of saving money but we would also be able to give the children greater independence.
US $560/year
5. Swimming Program

We feel that swimming is an essential skill for children. Many developed countries have compulsory swimming lessons in their education programs. By introducing a swimming program, we would be able to give the children a valuable life skill. Swimming will be one of the most enjoyable games too.
US $250/year
6. Vocational Training

The vocational training is extremely useful for elder children. Such training would of course involve computer skills training, trekking guide, dance and singing training for those who are interested. However, we also envisage training along the lines of learning traditional skills of weaving, making traditional Tibetan handicrafts, Buddhist drawing, and traditional Tibetan dancing. This would help keep the children in touch with their Tibetan culture.
US$300/year - US$2000/year depending on the number of children enrolled, type of training and courses enrolled in.

Priority List of New Capital Items

Sn. Items Estimated Cost
1. Transportation for Children

Currently, the children have to walk around half an hour to get school and will take similar time when they return for home . So during the school day they have to spent 1 hours for walking that really consumes valuable time and also difficult during the bad weather at the same time it is risky while walking around the street along with the small kids. Considering all this, the bus service is extremely needed for taking and receiving children between home and school..
US $ 3110.4 per year
2. Scanner and Fax Machine

Currently, we have to use the equipment outside if we want to send documents to other people. Having our own equipment would be more convenient and save costs in the long run.
US $350
3. Arrangement of Drum and pumping machine

The water supply in Nepal is not clean, potable, or reliable. The existing quantity of water is not sufficient for more than 50 people and volunteers so water storages capacity should be increase with the procurement of 1000 liter plastic drum with a pumping machine to collect water and also needed additional pipe.
US $ 373. 33
4. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments such as pianos, keyboards, guitars and Tibetan guitars would be very useful in teaching the children cultural programs basically traditional dance and song.
US $475
5. Steel Storage Cupboard

As per actual needs for the children we essentially needed 27 steel storage cup boards.
US $1635
6. Sports and Games Items

Sports and games materials are required for the children during the period out of the school or holiday.
US $200
7. Computers

With the advancement of modern technology the use of computers become a basic needs for the students .So the same implies to the children of HCCH also. Considering this factors cash donations or the donation of 2nd hand computers would be greatly appreciated.
US $600 / computer